Can I upgrade my fork to have a remote lockout?

In order to add a remote lockout to your fork, you will need a remote lever as well as a remote version of the compression damper.

For cable actuated remote systems, the remote compression damper unit is spring loaded to pull or release cable by a spring inside the compression damper. The spring is what enables a remote unit to have tension to function. The remote push button is simply the device that holds the cable locked in place of either tensioned cable or released cable.

To upgrade for your fork, you will need the remote upgrade kit.  The kit includes the remote compression damper, the remote specific top cap, and the specific remote unit (as there are different cable pull amounts for different damper units) for your specific fork. Please note: Pike, Boxxer, Lyrik, Domain, and Yari are not remote compatible at this time.

For all spare parts, see our current spare parts catalog, found on the service portion of our website.

All RockShox spare parts can be ordered through your local bicycle dealer. Please bring the part number to your local bicycle dealer, and they can special order the parts for you.

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