How much air should I have in my suspension fork for my rider weight?

Each RockShox fork with an air spring has a small air chart decal on the back of the fork’s lower leg to indicate suggested air pressure for your rider weight. (Rider weight should include all the gear/safety equipment you typically ride with.) If you have removed this decal, you can find current and legacy oil, air, and coil charts on the service portion of our website, under “Service Manuals”.


2016 Front Suspension Fluid, Air, and Coil chart


2015 Suspension Fork Oil, Air, and Coil chart


2014 Suspension Fork Oil, Air, and Coil chart


2012 Suspension Fork Air chart


The air pressures on all air charts are just a starting guideline to set pressure. Further adjustments can be made to suit rider preference. Please do not exceed maximum suggested air pressure.



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