What are Bottomless Tokens?

Bottomless Tokens are volume spacers, designed to reduce air volume in the air spring of your suspension fork. By reducing air volume, you obtain greater ramp at the end of the suspension stroke.

Each Bottomless Token added will require greater force to make your fork achieve full travel. The number of Bottomless Tokens you can add to your fork will depend on your suspension fork model, wheel size, and travel setting of your fork. The shorter the travel of your fork, the more Bottomless Tokens you’ll ideally have in your fork.

Bottomless Tokens will only work with current select Solo Air equipped forks, such as:


Pike DJ







Lyrik 27.5 and 29


Bottomless Tokens will also work with current (2014-Present) Pike, Yari, and Lyrik Dual Position Air equipped forks.

Please note: you will need to use the specific Bottomless Tokens for your specific air spring- Solo Air uses the Solo Air Bottomless Tokens that are threaded, and Dual Position Air uses the Dual Position Air Bottomless Tokens that are not threaded.

For more information on Bottomless Tokens, please see the Pike Service ManualSolo Air Bottomless Token user manual and Solo Air Bottomless Token installation video.

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